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[hyp ō nēa] noun

  1. Pain deficiency
  2. The state of feeling no pain or discomfort
    (From the Greek hypo "under" and Greek ponos "pain")

Most people only buy a home a few times in a lifetime. The typical process is complicated and involves a long list of requirements, and it’s easy to see how it can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers.

The process is a highly stressful “black box” of uncertainty that often leaves buyers waiting and wondering what happens next as paperwork slowly wends its way from one office to another.

It doesn’t have to be this painful.

The key thing you need to take the pain out of home buying is information: knowledge that gives you the ability to handle your end of any residential real estate transaction with confidence.

We created Hyponia to take the pain out of home buying

After purchasing a primary residence and an investment property a few years ago, we simply couldn’t believe how outdated and inefficient real estate transactions are. The home buying industry needs a revolution, and that revolution starts with information.

Our goal is to help home buyers visualize every step that goes into buying a home, easily allowing even first-time buyers to manage the entire process. This visual approach eliminates stress, uncertainty and doubt.

We even coined a word to describe what we do. Hyponia comes from the Greek prefix hypo, which means under and pónos, which means pain. Hyponia means no pain.

We’ve compiled the information buyers need and created tools that show each buyer a visual timeline that takes the mystery out of buying a home. We show them what to expect at each step in their home buying journey, with proven advice and essential checklists that give them confidence that they can handle all the details.

Plus, we created the Hyponia Marketplace to give buyers one-click access to all the professionals they’ll need to help them complete their purchase — real estate agents, local home inspectors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, real estate attorneys, title companies, insurance brokers, and more.

Hyponia works for all home buyers, but it's especially valuable for those who want to complete a transaction without a real estate agent/broker. With the knowledge, advice and professional support available through Hyponia, buyers can save tens of thousands of dollars in agent/broker commissions that are built into the sales price of most home real estate transactions.

Power to the home buyer

We have a simple goal, but it’s a big one: revolutionize the way homes are purchased.

Join us before you begin your home buying journey. And please use the links below to share Hyponia with your friends.